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Raid the Fridge Challenge 03:10

Dan, Jordan and Jamika reveal the contents of their own fridges at home.

Season 1, Episode 1

Not So Big Easy Fridges

Host Dan Ahdoot kicks off the raid by asking four chefs to make appetizers using the ingredients found in the fridges of four very different people, including a college kid and a bougie foodie. In round two, the three remaining chefs attempt romantic date night dinners, choosing from three fridges containing leftovers from a bachelor party, Mardi Gras and a slumber party. In the final round, it's taco night, as the two remaining chefs go head-to-head making dishes from mystery fridges with very unique complications. Judges Jamika Pessoa and Jordan Andino determine the winner who takes home a fridge full of $10,000.

Jan 25
12pm | 11c
Season 1, Episode 6


Four chefs are ready to raid a new set of mystery fridges! In the first round, it's noodlepalooza as host Dan Ahdoot challenges chefs to make twirl-worthy dishes from using only the ingredients found inside a fridge of their choosing, including a first-time parents fridge and a suburban family fridge. In the second round, the competitors must make something comforting from a collection of fridges full of uncomfortable restrictions. And in the final round, one chef's fridge seems like a gift, but both are left scrambling to impress judges Jamika Pessoa and Jordan Andino as they make breakfast for dinner worthy of a fridge full of $10,000.

Feb 1
12pm | 11c

About the show

In Raid the Fridge, chefs must use their instincts and test their luck in choosing mystery refrigerators based only on the photos, magnets, recipes and art on their doors in this fast-paced competition series, hosted by food writer and restaurateur Dan Ahdoot. In each episode, four competitors can use only the ingredients from their chosen mystery fridge to create top-notch dishes. But looks can be deceiving, so there is always an element of surprise - sometimes a refrigerator that appears to belong to an avid home cook is filled with takeout, while a crayon art decorated fridge seemingly owned by a family with toddlers could contain high-end gourmet items. Over the course of three rounds, each with a new cooking challenge and a whole new batch of fridges to raid, chefs must impress judges Jordan Andino and Jamika Pessoa with dishes worthy of the grand prize — a fridge full of cash. Raid the Fridge premieres Tuesday, December 28th at 10pm ET/PT on Food Network.

About the Host

Dan Ahdoot

Dan Ahdoot is a standup comic, actor, writer and producer based out of New York City and Los Angeles.

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