Viv Tests the Dump Cake Trend

Viv tests a no-stir cake recipe with cinnamon rolls, pumpkin and cake mix.

About the Show

Senior Culinary Producer Vivian Chan is putting TikTok's latest trends to the test! See if the newest hack or recipe really lives up to the hype – and whether it could use a tweak or two.

About Viv

Vivian Chan

Vivian Chan is a native Brooklynite with a passion to feed, teach and engage people with food. After earning a BA in Media Arts from CUNY Hunter College and a Culinary Arts degree from the International Culinary Center, Vivian was mentored by Anita Lo during her time as a line cook at Annisa. In 2010, she combined her media roots with her love of food and started as an intern with Food Network. Soon after, she officially joined the team as a Recipe Tester, capturing the little things that make or break a recipe. Today, in addition to her role as Culinary Producer, she is the host of Food Network’s digital series Viv’s Tips. Vivian also creates stories for Snapchat Discover and is the face of Food Network Kitchen. She lives by this motto: Do what you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life.